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[Howto] Increase Computer Performances

19 Disember 2011

Another product by Piriform. CCleaner is an optimization and Cleaning tool for cleaning your Windows. I have been using this software since I was in secondary school and guess what, two thumbs up i give for this software.

Strictly speaking, every time we use our computer, the system need to save or preserve some space that what we call 'cached memory'. The purpose of using this space is actually to enhance the processing speed of computer but prolong usage of this capacity leads to insufficient space for temporary memory storage of computer.

Usually, what peoples will do is that, they will clear all the unnecessary data manually but you have to be more careful for not deleting the important data such as files in windows directory.

CCleaner provides user friendly Graphic User Interface where you can select which system of program that you want to clean. For instance, the browsing history and cached memory built when you are streaming video online.

Here is some item that you can choose to clean from your system. You can select whether to clean your windows application or other software installed in your machine. As I mention before, every software installed in our machine will consume certain amount of 'cached' memory. By cleaning away the memories, you will notice the differences in term of your computer's speed and performance.

Enjoy using this software. Here is the download link for the software.

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