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[How to] Installing Crossover Linux in Ubuntu

13 Disember 2011

Crossover Linux is a platform or as the layman term sounds as 'Emulator' to run Microsoft based softwares on Linux based operating system.

In this post, I will show you step by step to install Crossover Linux in proper steps.

1. After downloading the software, locate it under 'home/username/'

2. Then open the terminal. And type the following command

sudo sh install-crossover-pro-x.x.x.sh

*note that you must type exactly the same version of crossover linux that you have downloaded.. for what I've done is, i typed

sudo sh install-crossover-pro-9.0.0.sh

then press enter. key in your password and again, press enter.

Once the installation is finished, exit the terminal and now you can launch the application.

2 komentar:

  1. Tanpa Nama berkata...

    Ak rase baik ko g bidang programming dari bidang kedoktoran..nmpk gaya ko lagi minat and 'experienced' dlm prog nie..

  2. wabit.ent berkata...

    aku wat mende ni minat2 je, disebabkan da second year dlm perubatan da kan, so kene terukan je la