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14 Disember 2011

This is a story, told by a friend of mine few years ago
An old man, sitting on a chair, reading the Holy Quran near the chimney. By the time he was reciting the Quran, his grandson comes closer to him.
Suddenly, the grandson asked

grandson: "why are you reading the Quran? Do you understand what is written in it?"

The grandpa smile and said
grandpa: "Danielle... come here, and take the metal basket near the chimney"

Without questioning the order, Danielle takes the rusting black metal basket and bring it to his grandpa.

grandpa: "okay, I want you to use this basket to take the water from the river. You can only come to me when the basket is fully filled with water from that river"

Without wasting the time, Danielle runs to the river and do what has been told by his grandpa. After almost half an hour struggling to fill the basket with water, he gets angry and feeling like being cheated by his grandpa. With full of anger, Danielle runs to his grandpa, carrying the metal basket.

The grandpa smiles and says: "Looks, what you have done to the basket? See, now it is clean and shiny..... Same goes with reading Quran, though we don't understand the meaning, it is actually the process of 'cleaning' your soul. With Quran, you will be showered with blessing and salvation. With Quran, a great leader will be born and with Quran, you'll be forever under His love and mercy.

So guys, what do you think about the story? A reminder for me, Quran the source of calmness and when you are misery, source of energy when you are weak.

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