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integration as a process of anti-differentiation

26 Ogos 2009

when talking about integration, yup,
it is an anti process of differentiation,

when saying about differentiation,
it is an anti process of integration,

when saying about islam,
it is a process of living,

when saying about the way of living,
it is ISLAM

when HAQ is facing a BATIL,
it is a process of justification,

live, full with process,

with ISLAM,
zero becomes hero
looser becomes winner
muslim becomes mukmin..

3 komentar:

  1. al-ikhsan berkata...

    hakikat islam itu menukar daripada state of jahiliyyah to the state of real glory!

    p/s itu komen untuk part last sekali. part yang awal2 tak faham sangat sebab terlalu berbaur matematik ib kmb HL!


  2. muhamad nazri berkata...

    part yang awal2 tu menceritakan how complicated life is
    tapi life is more complicated than mathematical process

  3. JHaZKiTaRo berkata...

    salam ramadhan dari ex-kmbian di bumi eire.. blog hopping.. rajin2, meh laa lompat ke my blog.. :)